Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nagpapanggap na hardinera

Nakita kita sa gilid ng sidewalk, nalalanta. Pinulot kita. Hindi naman ako hardinera, pero tinanim kita ulit, diniligan, inalagaan. Kinakausap pa nga kita araw-araw. Hindi kita pinabayaan. Umaasa akong isang araw makita kong ngumiti sa akin ang mga bulaklak mo o kahit kumaway lang ang mga dahon mo. Gusto na kitang makilala.

Pero isang araw nang puntahan kita para diligan, may nauna na sa akin. Kinakausap ka rin niya gaya ko. Kinabukas inagahan ko ang pagpunta ko sayo para maunahan ko siya. Pero wala na akong nadatnan. Hinanap kita. Hinanap ko siya.

Nagkabungguan kami isang araw at tinanong ko siya kung nakita ka niya. Sabi niya inilipat ka daw niya ng pwesto kasi sa maling lupa kita itinanim. Kaya daw hindi ka tumutubo. Sinamahan niya akong bisitahin ka. Laking gulat ko, nakangiti na ang mga bulaklak mo at kumakaway na rin ang mga dahon mo. Pero ang mga kaway at ngiti ay di para sa akin.

Hahayaan na lang ba kitang lumago sa kamay ng iba?

Monday, February 21, 2005


Very surprised to find out Sydney Bristow (Jen Garner in Alias) has a very lovely half-sister who looks nothing like her. I've been reading the episode guides since I can't watch because we have no TV here in LB. I'm amazed how far behind I am, I'm not that bothered though, as I would have been when I was an intense, avid Alias fan.

I was intrigued by Nadia Santos (the said half-sister) and it turns out she's being played by Mia Maestro- the gorgeous Argentine actress who played Salma Hayek's sister in both Frida and In the Time of the Butterflies. Cool. I have to watch her in action. But why cast her is a puzzle. She looks South American but her parents in the show don't. Arvin Sloane is caucasian and Irina Derevko is Russian. Hmmm. Hope that future episodes justify this.

And it turns out that they've killed my favorite character, Irina Derevko, Sydney's mother, played by beautifully wrinkled Lena Olin. Huhu, sad but I doubt she'll stay dead long ;D

I just watch Alias now because I love watching Jennifer Garner play Sydney. Wonder how she did in Elektra? Elektra, they said, was no improvement over Daredevil.

As long as we're on the topic of show business. I'm glad that Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. I've been a fan since Anywhere but Here and The Phantom Menace. I'm eager to watch Closer and see how well she does. I'm also curious to find out the character of Alice, whom she plays in the movie, as Natalie is known for being picky about choosing roles.

Thus ends my tabloid-entertainment-writer-like post.


Due to the loss of my pink, banig-look-alike wallet, I couldn't afford an internet connection. As a result, my email inbox is loaded, I haven't posted a single survey on Friendster (achievement according to bananaducky) and my last blog post was on Feb. 14.

At present I owe at least seven people money. I love them all. Especially Dragonesa- mwah mwah! Thanks to you, I didn't starve last week.

Nevertheless, last week was lotsa fun. I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. Staying up late, just hanging out at the fair and waking up before sunrise for the IRRI walk was tiring yet energizing. But I have spent much time on play and now work is catching up on me.

My eating pattern was also disturbed. I was eating lunch at 5pm and dinner at 11 pm. Blit-blit said that erratic eating habits can cause delay of the monthly period. Hmmm.

Losing pink, banig wallet had more strenous consequences. I had no idea applying for a new ID was so much work. Huhu. On the brighter side, my ID will look much better (hopefully), though more costly.

I'm sleepy- I haven't had two hours of sleep thanks to the BAFTA Awards. Still, very happy. :D Rejoice in the Lord always.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Red itch

Last night, I recieved my first guitar lesson from my mom. I now know A, E, D. I still have problems with shifting though. My fingers hurt.


My favorite color is red. But this is one time of the year I am actually ashamed of wearing red. I did wear red today, just for an hour because my Math teacher gave extra points to anyone in red.

I had actually contemplated for half an hour to make that decision. Would wearing red for an hour be a compromise of my 'principle' ( oooh, strong word :D)?

When I walked out the compound, I saw a LOT of people wearing red. I was ashamed to be counted as 'one of them'. Conformist- as my housemate said. After my class, I was itching to change.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Whooohooo! Great achievements for the week:

1. I slept at 1 am last night and set my alarm at 4:35 so I can be on time for our early morning walk. I must have turned off the alarm because I woke up at 5:07. Thank goodness, I woke up. I sat for a minute calculating the time I would spend bathing and fixing up. I almost decided not to get up. Thankfully, I did.

This morning was one of the greatest mornings of the year 2005. Since monday, I have been waking up at 5 am but this morning was the first time I wanted to. The morning was beautiful. I liked walking at early morning with my hair wet. It had a 'head-and-shoulder's-mentol' effect. Cool and soothing.

The view was refreshing after spending 10 hours in front of a computer. 'Luscious vegetation' as my former prof in NASC 2 would say. I was anticipating the sunrise, too bad the clouds hid it.

This was also the first time in many days that I have been able to contemplate and evaluate. No further comments.

2. I had a REAL breakfast. It was composed of: fried rice, scrambled egg with tomatoes, corned beef, orange juice and cake. All for just 65 pesos. I was so full, I didn't eat lunch.

3. I slept. At last. Although, the waking up part wasn't too good because someone turned off the fan and I was covered from the neck down with my comforter. Very icky, sticky feeling.


Weird. This event was the reason why I blogged in the first place and now I have nothing to write. Go figure.

Anyway, I got through the poetry reading part. All the essential people were present. The food was great (though I didn't particularly 'loved' mine because by the time my order arrived I was craving for something else). The music was okay. Sir A.'s and Queen's 'speeches' were touching and insightful.

But most of all, the company was great. From the making of the centerpieces to the entire duration of the launching, I got to know the Pantas people a little more.

Kinda sad that some of them will be leaving next sem :C

But the passion continues.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It'll turn up

One of the things I have left to remind me of my best friend Alexandra (AKA 'Sandj') is her beige ponytail. She is now studying in Siliman University and I'm in UPLB. I remember that the only reason I chose UPLB for a second campus was because she chose it as her first campus. I figured since she was way smarter than I am, she'd pass in her first choice of campus and I'd pass in my second choice and we'd be happy together. We had chosen the same course and we planned to live together . Basically, we planned our lives TOGETHER.

But I was wrong. I passed, she didn't. Our paths reached a crossroad and we were forced to take different paths. We email each other once in a while, text each other once in a while and call each other once in a while. Everything once in a while.

The first time she went back to Manila was during our first sembreak as college students. She even visited LB and I gave her a 'grand' tour. It was during this time I borrowed the said beige ponytail. I failed t return it in time for her return to Dumaguete.

I love wearing the ponytail on my wrist. It goes everywhere I go. It's my favorite ponytail. At times I would lose it and I'd go frantic searching only to find it under my bed or in the laundry basket. In time, I learned not to panic when I lose it. It will turn up, somewhere. Just like Sandj, she'll call sometime, she'll text sometime and once in a while I'll receive an email from her.

I'm wearing the ponytail on my wrist today. I can foresee I'm going to have a rough day. I hold the ponytail. I can almost hear Sandj say, "O, calm down ha. One step at a time." I hold the ponytail. I miss my best friend. I miss Sandj.

Wrong side of the bed

I slept or should I say napped at Kimi's house last night because I needed a computer. I slept at 3:30 am, the last thing I remember was Gar and Candy and Pepe and Goyo. I woke up at 5:05 to finish my ENG 101 paper, a novel review on Carlos Bulosan's "All the Conspirators". I typed about two pages worth of thoughts before I decided to go back to sleep.

I woke up again at 7:20 and added about two paragraphs to my paper then I crawled back to bed. I wanted to sleep but I was struggling not to because I had a class at 8:30 and I still hadn't taken a bath or a shower or whatever you wanna call it. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak." I fell asleep.

I woke up for the final time at 8:30. I didn't go to class. I went back to the computer and typed another page. Then I took a bath. Now I have to figure out when to finish the remaining three pages of my paper. I should be doing it NOW. What is wrong with me?


The BACA people told me that Dr. 'Avalanche' looked for me in class today. She asked Joanne if I was dropping the subject. Hello? This is the first time I was absent from her class. What is wrong with her?


The sun is high and its rays sting. Thankfully, the wind is happy and is dancing with my hair. I feel like a shampoo commercial model :D Then I felt big wet blobs on my skin. What? It's drizzling? What is wrong with the weather?

Goodness, what is wrong with the world?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Sige aalis na kami, wag mo lang kami batuhin

Alas kwatro na ako ng umaga nakauwi kagabi.

Pagkatapos ng prod, kumain kami sa K.A. Nag-internet sa Digdig pagkatapos, mga hanggang 12 am. Umuwi sa bahay. nagbihis na nga ako at ready na matulog. Kaya lang dumating si Anna, Keno at Paul. Ba at hyper na hyper ang tatlo at gusto mag-chika to sawa. Ok lang naman sakin. E marami pa naman akong ipong laway. Kaya lang binato ni June ng tsinelas ang pintuan ng kwarto niya. Senyales na napaka-ingay namin. Nagbihis ako at lumabas kami kahit di namin alam ang pupuntahan.

Naglalakad na kami at nandun na sa may Cafe Maquiling, nang may namasdan kaming tila kilala namin. Nyak! Ang choir pala kasama ni Mam Amy. Ayun nagsama sama kami sa pagdadaldal at paglalakad hanggang sa umabot ng kami sa may junction sa paglalakad. Kumain sila sa Big Mak. Di ako bumili. Busog pa ako nun.

At sa pagkwentuhan, nalaman ko na si James pala ay tumutula kaya naman niyaya namin siya sa L.A.Y.B. Sana nga makasama siya. Speaking of Layb, miss ko na si Sir dums.

Tinamad na kaming maglakad ulit kaya nag-antay kami ng dyip. E kaso, 48 years naman. Ang tagal so naglakad uli. Nauna kami ni Banans dahil iihi pa siya sa Binalot. Yun pala nakasakay ng dyip ang mga kasama namin. Buti na lang napansin nila Keno at Paul na missing in action kami.

Hinatid muna nila ako sa bahay. pagdating ko inayos ko ang gamit ko sa lamesa dahil may multa pag may kalat. Tapos ginising si Caty Bucu na nakahiga sa kama ko. Humiga na ako at sinet ang alarm ng 7:30. Buti mabilis lang ako maligo. 8:00 ang math 11 ko bukas. Kailangang pumasok at baka 60% uli ang grade ko sa pre-fi.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Tapos na rin ang produksyon ng Tilamsik ng Dugo. Masaya dahil tapos na ang pagdanak ng pawis at luha, mababawasan na rin ang mga gabi ng pagpupuyat, makakain na rin sa tamang oras at makakapagconcentrate na sa ibang subjects.

Pero malungkot din ako. Mamimiss ko si Ate Elay, Ate Madz at Ate Meg. Nakakamiss na magkaroon ng dahilan para mangarag. Nakakamis ang pag-ethnic (kaya itutuly ko pa rin), hindi ko na maririnig ang mga naka-aantig pusong kanta ng choir, di ko na makikita ang nakaka-indak na sayaw ng dancers, di ko na muling makikita ang panunulsi ni Noraisa, mamimiss ko ang pagpinta sa mukha ng choir at manood ng lahat ng shows at pansinin ang sablay ng performers.

Ngunit ang pinakanakakamiss ay ang samahan ng kapwa Comm Arts- ang mga nakakaintindi sa paghihirap na pinagdadaanan ng kapwa BACA sa gitna ng utak-syensya sa UPLB, ang mga may puso para sa sining. Nakakamiss ang pagiging 'barracks' ng bahay namin- tulugan ng walang matutuluyan. Mahilig kasi kami mag-ampon.

Aantayin ko na lang pag nagpracticum na ako.