Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It'll turn up

One of the things I have left to remind me of my best friend Alexandra (AKA 'Sandj') is her beige ponytail. She is now studying in Siliman University and I'm in UPLB. I remember that the only reason I chose UPLB for a second campus was because she chose it as her first campus. I figured since she was way smarter than I am, she'd pass in her first choice of campus and I'd pass in my second choice and we'd be happy together. We had chosen the same course and we planned to live together . Basically, we planned our lives TOGETHER.

But I was wrong. I passed, she didn't. Our paths reached a crossroad and we were forced to take different paths. We email each other once in a while, text each other once in a while and call each other once in a while. Everything once in a while.

The first time she went back to Manila was during our first sembreak as college students. She even visited LB and I gave her a 'grand' tour. It was during this time I borrowed the said beige ponytail. I failed t return it in time for her return to Dumaguete.

I love wearing the ponytail on my wrist. It goes everywhere I go. It's my favorite ponytail. At times I would lose it and I'd go frantic searching only to find it under my bed or in the laundry basket. In time, I learned not to panic when I lose it. It will turn up, somewhere. Just like Sandj, she'll call sometime, she'll text sometime and once in a while I'll receive an email from her.

I'm wearing the ponytail on my wrist today. I can foresee I'm going to have a rough day. I hold the ponytail. I can almost hear Sandj say, "O, calm down ha. One step at a time." I hold the ponytail. I miss my best friend. I miss Sandj.


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