Monday, February 21, 2005


Very surprised to find out Sydney Bristow (Jen Garner in Alias) has a very lovely half-sister who looks nothing like her. I've been reading the episode guides since I can't watch because we have no TV here in LB. I'm amazed how far behind I am, I'm not that bothered though, as I would have been when I was an intense, avid Alias fan.

I was intrigued by Nadia Santos (the said half-sister) and it turns out she's being played by Mia Maestro- the gorgeous Argentine actress who played Salma Hayek's sister in both Frida and In the Time of the Butterflies. Cool. I have to watch her in action. But why cast her is a puzzle. She looks South American but her parents in the show don't. Arvin Sloane is caucasian and Irina Derevko is Russian. Hmmm. Hope that future episodes justify this.

And it turns out that they've killed my favorite character, Irina Derevko, Sydney's mother, played by beautifully wrinkled Lena Olin. Huhu, sad but I doubt she'll stay dead long ;D

I just watch Alias now because I love watching Jennifer Garner play Sydney. Wonder how she did in Elektra? Elektra, they said, was no improvement over Daredevil.

As long as we're on the topic of show business. I'm glad that Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. I've been a fan since Anywhere but Here and The Phantom Menace. I'm eager to watch Closer and see how well she does. I'm also curious to find out the character of Alice, whom she plays in the movie, as Natalie is known for being picky about choosing roles.

Thus ends my tabloid-entertainment-writer-like post.


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