Monday, February 21, 2005


Due to the loss of my pink, banig-look-alike wallet, I couldn't afford an internet connection. As a result, my email inbox is loaded, I haven't posted a single survey on Friendster (achievement according to bananaducky) and my last blog post was on Feb. 14.

At present I owe at least seven people money. I love them all. Especially Dragonesa- mwah mwah! Thanks to you, I didn't starve last week.

Nevertheless, last week was lotsa fun. I felt like I didn't have a care in the world. Staying up late, just hanging out at the fair and waking up before sunrise for the IRRI walk was tiring yet energizing. But I have spent much time on play and now work is catching up on me.

My eating pattern was also disturbed. I was eating lunch at 5pm and dinner at 11 pm. Blit-blit said that erratic eating habits can cause delay of the monthly period. Hmmm.

Losing pink, banig wallet had more strenous consequences. I had no idea applying for a new ID was so much work. Huhu. On the brighter side, my ID will look much better (hopefully), though more costly.

I'm sleepy- I haven't had two hours of sleep thanks to the BAFTA Awards. Still, very happy. :D Rejoice in the Lord always.


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