Monday, March 21, 2005

Better days

For reasons unknown even to my conscious self, I seem to have lost my taste for friendster surveys and blogging about stuff in my blah life. Does this mean that I don't have anything interesting to write about? Or have I lost passion? I don't know.

Or is it because the things that are currently bothering my already confused brain are the things that shouldn't be discussed in such a public place as a blog? Perhaps. Even worse, I can't dicuss these things even with my closest friends. So I'm to deal with it alone. Let's see how well I do.

As the song playing in digdig now says, "Be patient, and you'll get to better days." Somehow I can't hear that song without Elay's image flashing in my mind :D

So, until then, until I see you again during better days.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

O February,

You have passed by so quickly. Like a sudden blast of wind. As you blow your last kiss, the dirt stings my eyes and and your breath ruffles my hair. I try to recover my ground but I am left baffled, disoriented.

For twenty eight days, your breeze blurred reality. The dirt you blew in my eyes left me blinded for a while, feeling my way through. Tears welled up in my eyes, creating a sort of mist- keeping certainty unveiled. But in uncertainty there is hope. Every moment a wonderful possibility. That's what you gave me, February.

But now the year has given birth to your sister, March. She gave me a gift- she removed the dirt. Now I can see that I've been so misled. I never knew hope could be deceitful. Or maybe I blame others too much. I should blame me, my illusions.

O March,

You took away Esperanza, my unlikely friend. She now looks at me with contempt. To take her place, you introduced me to Verdad, bitter Verdad. In time, I may learn to love Verdad. But let me weep, let me grieve for my Esperanza. Let me slowly loosen my fingers from Esperanza's clutch. Only then can I offer Verdad a handshake.

And when Verdad becomes dear to my heart, your sister April may take him away too. I might as well stop cherishing friends if the children of the year keep taking them away.

O April,

What will you give me? May your gift bring a cheery smile to uplift my weary heart.