Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Beezy Summah!

To my few but loyal fans,

Pardon the continuous disappointment whenever you peek into my blog and no new posts greet you. Not my fault, we don't have internet connection in our currently being- renovated home. I had to ask a favor from my aunt so that I could contact my beloved followers who are thirsty for some news from me. I also had a feeling that there would be an abundance of letters for me in my e-mail account. I was right- 267 messages.

I missed and will be missing a lot of events this summer- the layb workshop, pantas meeting, an old friend visiting in Manila (she informed me through email, guess what happened),my friends' graduation and a lot more.

But this summer has been 'productive'. This is one summer that I didn't just lie around in my pigsty of a room. I taught (aka babysitted) kids in our church's Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). It was so fun, the kids were cute, inquisitive and insightful plus they weren't resistant to my kisses and hugs. : ) And it was a bit of nostalgic when my friends and I reminisced about our DVBS days and we realized we were working with our past teachers. And so our generation steps up.

I also helped smart-aleck kids how to cook. The plus side- I get o eat yummy stuff; the down side- I have to get up early.

I earned new friends and I get to spend a lot of time with my pianist crush because I'm part of the youth music ministry in our church. I get to serve the Lord, develop my talent and have fun.

I'm also learning how to play the guitar and it hurts my fingers. As of the moment I know 2 kiddie songs, hihi ; )

I'm reading a lot of great stuff from poems to essays. I read Gloria Steinem's essay about what would happen if women win (I forgot the title), and it was very enlightening. I'm all for women's rights but I used to think that Feminists don't take men's struggles into consideration. Well, Steinem proved me wrong. Unless, I didn't get her message. Uh, oh!

And I read William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" and Thornton Wilder's 'The Long Christmas Dinner". I'm trying to be Ludmilla again, reading for the sake of reading and not for academic analysis- though that's not so bad. I have to be Lotaria again when school days come rolling by.

My summer's pretty much scheduled. And I love it, I have things to do and I get to anticipate it. I love schedules. I'm a busy bee this summer.

Ok. That's for my update. Didn't have enough juice to make it creative. Fans, I hope you aren't too disappointed.


Anonymous quel said...

welcome baaaaack!!!! :-)

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