Friday, June 10, 2005

Papa's daughter

i'm beginning to think that i may be a disappointment to my father.

Firstly, i don't speak fluent Fukien so i won't be able to talk to his business colleges and impress them with my impeccable Fukien or Mandarin for that matter. Having a Filipino mother will always mean that we are second class citizens in the Chinese community.

Next, i don't even look Chinese. I'm brown-skinned- tan, if you want it to sound classy. My eyes are big. And i'm not a beauty so i can't be arranged to marry any of his friends' sons.

Thirdly, i have absolutely no interest in business whatsoever. i'm enrolled in a course that doesn't deal with management or finance. i thank God he did not force anything on me and allowed me to make my own choice, but still the question hangs: who will take care of the business? i'd like to think i'm artistic and a people person. And though he says that both qualities are important in a businessman or business woman in my case, i just don't like my life to be governed by money, interestm, principal and all that economics and management stuff (he also often tells me not to use the word 'stuff' because it implies that i am not articulate).

And most important reason of all, i am a WOMAN. Even if he doesn't at all mention it. i know that he dreams of a son to walk in his footsteps. People always ask ' no boys?' and he'll answer 'i was blessed with three Marias'. i know he loves us but in Chinese and Filipino cultures an eldest son is always a great asset.

Recently, he took us to the plant that recycles old boxes and paper. He sort of oversees it. i know he wants us to know the ropes. i do want to please my Papa and continue his legacy. So i'm cancelling my devcom 30 course and taking management101 instead.


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