Friday, July 29, 2005

Naubo ako

Galing sa IRRI walk, bumaba ako sa Vega dahil magloload ako sa Sun sim ko. Wala - sarado pa rin. Umupo na lang ako dun sa tapat ng Dunkin' Donuts. Inaantok na ako. Binasa ko ang readings ko sa PSY 101, baka magpa-quiz si ma'am.

Muntik na akong makatulog. Buti na lang may sumigaw na bata. Nagising ako. Tinapos ko ang pagbabasa ng readings. May umupo na matandang lalaki na naninigarilyo. Literal na 'head in the clouds' siya dahil sa ulo niya nagsasayaw ang usok.

Bigla niyang tinapon ang halos kalahati pang sirarilyo. Bakit kaya? Napansin ko na may tumabi sa kanyang mga bata. A, kaya pala. Commendable, Lolo. Pero mas commendable sana kung itigil niyo na lang po ang paninigarilyo.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Break your routine

i survived a 10 am to 11:30 pm workshop. It wasn't the same workshop format i was used to, but i will cherish the experience.

i still don't know what was worse - the comments or the food. The serving intervals didn't give my stomach time to digest.

i learned a lot more about my classmates as we all dream to be 'creative' writers. The panelists reiterated advice i have already learned: show don't tell, brevity and economy of words and sincerity. i could use some reminding. Rather, a lot of reminding.

i need to learn more on how to 'read' texts. And learn the skill of seeing beyond the surface level as our panelists have. asteeg.

i think i'm somewhat repressed. When my peers managed to share about deaths in their families, hatred towards their mothers, break-ups and betrayal, i just shared the clumsiest moment of my life. Is that all there is to my writing?


This is the first complete weekend i spent in Elbi. i wasn't used to waking up on a Sunday morning in a different bed and climate. i miss our family's Sunday lunches. i miss our church's pews.

i miss my Sundays.

i attended church in LB for the first time. i praised God with people i really didn't know, aside from banana and ate miks. But it didn't matter, as the song says:

In our hearts we're undivided
worshipping one Saviour, one Lord

It doesn't matter
where - you could be in a bathroom, field, bed or under a tree,
with whom - strangers, acquaintances and friends or alone,
or how- you could dance, shout, sing, cry, lift your hands, write even.
What matters is your heart.
That you worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Nose is a Precious Organ

i can't breathe.

Properly, that is. It seems as if my nostrils is caked with blood a milimeter thick. I prefer dripping snot rather than being actually afraid to breathe because of the pain.

i thank God that the jeepney driver last night took a left turn ang brought me straight home without detours. i wouldn't have made it otherwise. A carpenter chose to live in my head for an indefinite period of time. He is hardworking- doesn't stop hammering, sawing and pounding. But i don't have the power to evict him. He's like Kipling's Cat who walks by himself.

Also special mention to Mamino who lent me money so that i can buy medicine. O, diba? Parang telenovela o episode sa 'Wish Ko Lang'.

For about two weeks, i had ignorantly wished to be confined in a hospital so that my crush would visit me. Yeah, i'm that shallow. i take it all back. i want to be a 'normal' person again - not having to drink Gatorade at all times and drinking Amoxycillin and Paracetamol every so often hours.

Plus, i seemed to have lost all skill in venting frustrations because whatever that emotion or feeling was, it chose to manifest itself physically and made my condition worse. You make me sick. Literally.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Charlie and the factory of hang-ups

Ok medyo naaasar na ako ngayon. Yeah, the reasons are shallow, so all the more the need to magnify hang-ups.

1. Scheduled Maintenance ng Friendster ngayon. Just when i really needed the software to send someone a
really important message. Ok, not so important but vital to my peace of mind.

2. Some people. No explanation needed. Those who know, you know ;>

3. It seems that all my long- distance friends are incognito right now. No one is replying to my messages and no one is answering my phone calls. One is even pretending to be constantly out of the house, avoiding me probably. So much for communication is the key to a great relationship.

4. i have a grand total of 60 pesos in my wallet. Thank you, Lord, for loving housemates who shared with me rice and yummy adobo : ) i seem to have my priorities distorted because i have no money for food yet i can afford a twenty per hour internet connection service. hehe, the need to purge far outweighs the cry of hunger.

5. i did not have any form of interaction with Willy Wonka. He left early with Matilda. Yeah, the same Matilda who knows how much i like Willy. The same Matilda who teases me non-stop while living out my dream of being super close friends with Willy Wonka- yes, just close friends, if something more evolves, i'm not one to complain : )

All i wanted was to be really close friends with Willy Wonka and learn the secrets of his trade and maybe someday be the heir to his marvelous chocolate factory, hehe. Chocolate lover to the end! Some desires are not meant to be fulfilled. We're between acquaintances and friends- i could settle for that ; >

6. i cannot find Vicky's blog anywhere, i looked at all the possible blogs that could contain his link. Nada. Oh well, maybe another day. I miss him and Ricky. Hope they visit Elbi sooon. Btw, blog hopping led me to madame raya's final(?) blog post. Sad.

Ok, the magnifying glasses come off right about now. hehe. Back to the real world where i have to read 'Phases of Cultural Domination', fix my clothes and bed sheets, and prepare a speech worthy of Dr. Legaspi's praises.