Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Nose is a Precious Organ

i can't breathe.

Properly, that is. It seems as if my nostrils is caked with blood a milimeter thick. I prefer dripping snot rather than being actually afraid to breathe because of the pain.

i thank God that the jeepney driver last night took a left turn ang brought me straight home without detours. i wouldn't have made it otherwise. A carpenter chose to live in my head for an indefinite period of time. He is hardworking- doesn't stop hammering, sawing and pounding. But i don't have the power to evict him. He's like Kipling's Cat who walks by himself.

Also special mention to Mamino who lent me money so that i can buy medicine. O, diba? Parang telenovela o episode sa 'Wish Ko Lang'.

For about two weeks, i had ignorantly wished to be confined in a hospital so that my crush would visit me. Yeah, i'm that shallow. i take it all back. i want to be a 'normal' person again - not having to drink Gatorade at all times and drinking Amoxycillin and Paracetamol every so often hours.

Plus, i seemed to have lost all skill in venting frustrations because whatever that emotion or feeling was, it chose to manifest itself physically and made my condition worse. You make me sick. Literally.


Anonymous bulitas said...

lia! o eto. koment.


mali ka.

may kwenta blog mo.

may kwenta mga artiks mo.


di tulad ng iba.

mada mi kang readers.

dnt wori.


wag kang mxadong maglungkutlungkutan.

kip ur blog.

aus yan.

readers lang ba?

tutulungan kiutangh kumalap ng readers.

11:20 PM  
Blogger MidniteSolitaire said...

Pasasaw sa inyong dalawa ni ginoong bulitas,
You write for yourself, not for others. If they don't read your blog, fine. If they do, then that's good. Blogwriting should satisfy yourself and then eventually readers will come.
And there are silent readers, you know.

And sige, usap tayo sometime. ;-)

10:13 AM  

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