Monday, August 22, 2005

Hungry Thieves

i had breakfast at Mcdo this morning. A treat for myself, since i'm saving my money. Which reminds me - i had money to buy that long coveted yellow top at Bayo and when i went there yesterday, it wasn't there! Aargh! It was a mallwide sale and maybe they just brought out old stocks. i wish.

I forgot that we would be watching a film for my PSY 101 class so i brought my readings to breakfast. I bought an apple pie for take out.

We watched a documentary film by Ditsi Carolina. It followed the lives of three boys who were in jail in Cebu. The entire film was in Cebuano, i'm not all that certain. It had English subtitles.

The boys' ages were about eleven years. They had to fend for themselves. One was not even visited by his parents. Tony, one of the boys, had at least three tatooes - at age eleven. Two of them were rugby sniffers. And they were serving time for stealing. They said they stole to ease the hunger. Their parents weren't able to provide for them.

i wasn't even aware that kids that young go to jail. i thought there were some institution where they would get welfare and be rehabilitated. as i was watching the film, i kept thinking about my youngest sister. Although, the kids were boys, i couldn't help but remember my sister and the relatively luxurious life she leads compared to the kids in jail.

The film was aptly titled "Bunso" or "The Youngest". It won an award at Cannes.

The film had an epilogue. Bunso and Tony both died. Bunso had an accident. Tony acquired a heart illness due to his drug use. Diosel, the other boy, does not want to study anymore. i shed tears for them and for myself. Tears for their lives and tears of gratefulness for mine.

Ditsi Carolina said that we could write letters to the congress and the powers that be so that this situation would be brought to attention. And perhaps, it will result in the passing of the juvenile bill. i think i'll do just that.

The apple pie i bought was flattened and cold after the film.


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