Monday, August 29, 2005


The party that i voted for this recent UPLB elections lost. Probably because the other party had better PR. Or maybe a large number of freshmen were swayed by their approachable demeanor. And maybe because many in LB are apathetic students - skeptical of any change and have hardened their hearts and minds.

Whatever the reason, the election is over. The votes have been counted. Tinimbang kayo ngunit kulang. Tapos na. Ang magagawa na lang ngayon ay tanggapin. Tanggapin. Tanggapin.

Granted that the winners are not that qualified for their positions. Granted that they lack knowledge, awareness and experience. That is exactly why they need your help. They will certainly benefit from your experinece. Aalalay naman. Sana hindi porket sa 'kabila' sila hindi na tutulungan. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit di tayo umaasenso.

One problem with politics is when our party loses, we immediately assume that the other party's term will be rotten and that no reform would be achieved. Why not give them a chance? I do believe that their willingness to serve is genuine. Why not help them achieve common goals? Instead of one group doing one thing and the other another thing, there will be much strenght if we are united in our goals.

If principles are not parellel, then continue to do what you believe is right but not at the expense of binary opposition between the two parties. Agree to disagree. Nakakapagod na rin ang kampihan. Kung iba ang pokus ng dalawa, e di sige. Kung iba ang pamamaraan, o di sige. Pero tama na ang bangayan. Wala yang mapapala. Sa halip, maghanap na lang ng magkaparehang hangad. At huwag sasabihing wala. Dahil imposibleng wala. Kung pareho niyong gustong maglingkod, siguradong may pagkakapareha.

Acceptance is one key. Any protest will only be a cause for more division in the campus. That's the price we pay for democracy. The people have chosen and though we may not like who they voted for, we must accept it.
If they really want to serve the people of UPLB, i think that they should accept the people's decision and offer their support, help, advice and manpower to the elected officials. Why not? Show that even if you are not in an official position you still want to help and serve under an authority you did not choose. Show that you are not sore losers. Show that you will continue to help students despite this loss.

The same goes for the winning party. Acceptance. Accept that you lack knowledge, awareness and most of all EXPERIENCE. Seek help from those who have been in position for a long time. Ask for their suggestion and advice because they have long served the UPLB constituents. Follow their example and bring social awareness and pro-activism back to the campus.
Dapat matapos na yung 'kabila syndrome.' Kung totoong gusto nating tumulong at maglingkod sa mga tao, isangtabi muna natin ang mga di pagkakaintindihan at mga pansariling 'group interest'. Magtulungan. Yan ang kailangan ng Los BaƱos. Hindi namin kailangang ng nagbabangayang grupo. At lalong hindi rin namin kailangan ng mga opisyal na nagmamagaling. Pare-pareho kayong may kakayahan.Mas magaling ang iba sa ibang gawin. mas mahina ang iba. E di, complement each other. Yun lang naman ang suggestion ko.

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ilia! nabasa ko pero di ko natapos!!! =)

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