Friday, September 02, 2005

From the boob tube to our living room

I know it's stupid to get all worked up over a TV show - a fantastic TV show at that. I'm quickly becoming an Encantadia addict, speaking of which I have to hurry up typing because i might not catch it.

I'm very bothered by Alena's anger. She wants to kill Danaya because Danaya kill her son without knowing Khalil was Alena's son. She challenged Danaya to a duel. I just can't believe that she would be that angry- angry enough to kill her own sister. And now she's joining forces with Perena. Hope for recovering Lireo seems faint.

And because I was so affected by this episode, I shouted at my sister who was asking about electives in the BACA curriculum. I was more irritated because when I explained that FRESHMEN don't get electives, she kept insisting. I got irritated and dismissed her words because I could not concentrate on the show. She walked out and slammed the bedroom door.

Danaya and Alena all over again.


Blogger ie said...

yan ang drama sa tunay na buhay. =)

12:11 AM  

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