Monday, October 31, 2005

Early Christmas Wish List: Not necessarily according to importance
(Yah, I know super materialistic na - hayaan na, panagarap lang naman po)

1. World peace haha : )

2.10 Things I hate About You Soundtrack

3. A Canon digicam with at least 5.0 megapixels

4. A new Phone kahit 3315 lang, utang na loob.

5. To have privacy in our apartment in LB.

6. To be a University scholar this sem and the next- meaning my GWA should be 1.0- 1.45. O asa pa ako? That's why this is a WISH list.

7. Encantadia complete season DVD or something like that

8. Michael Buble, Jaimie Cullum, Orange and Lemons album

9. To meet Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree - oy feasible to a! ; )

10. Lotsa lotsa chocolate : )

11. Practicum in an ad agency

12. NARNIA movie!!!

13. Il Mare VCD


15. Bibingka

16. To see Hilda, Sandj and long lost friends wahehe

17. Maka-song lead man lang na walang mali

18. A laptop please I really need it. Papa, i hope you have a Friendster
account. I repeat - Your daughter needs a laptop ; )

19. New PANTAS folio

20. A whole new wardrobe- hindi yung kahoy a, yung laman ; )

21. To learn how to make a film.

22. For all my pictures currently residing in my room mate's hard disk to be printed

22. And...


would remeber

the reason

we celebrate Christmas -


Whoa! I opened my email and 1046 unread messages. I'm so in demand!

I want to dream of you

I miss you in my dreams. wonder why I don't dream of you anymore?

I'm tired of thinking of you in the 'real world' because when I do, I just browse through all the memories of our conversations and other interactions and I just make biased assumptions.

But in dreams, I'm made to believe that I'm in the real world, that WE are in the real world together even for just one REM cycle. And when I awake, the thrill of the dream still lingers and it still feels kinda true.

I'm not saying that I like you more in fantasy than in reality. It's just that I don't see enough of you in the real world. And I miss you.