Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Children of My dreams

I love it that my parents thought hard before they decided on our names. Ilia does not mean anything but 'Eirene' does. It means peace in Greek. They named me 'Eirene' because I was born in the same year as EDSA I.

My sister Karize's name means 'grace'. Khara's- my youngest sister- means 'joy'.

I always said that I'd return the favor when I had kids. My favorite name combinations as of today are:

1. Sophia Rebekah = Sophia- wisdom
Rebekah- bound
- this could mean bound to wisdom

2. Joel - God is willing

3. Raya Amaris= Raya- Female of Ray, wise protector
Amaris- Promised by God

4. I loved the name Dominique ever since I watched 'Charlotte Gray'. Dominique means 'Of God'.

5. I also like Julien and Genevieve but they must be pronounced in the French way. hehe

6. Sanyata - Beautiful

7. Maha - beautiful eyes; Sinta - beloved

8. I like Shasta - a boy character in Narnia. I like the sound. Its meaning 'three' though means absolutely nothing to me.

I believe that names are blessings, hopes and prayers. When I name my child, I will pray to God that my child will be true to his name. I'm looking for a name in a Filipino language that means 'Patience' as I have none of it and I wish my children to possess.

Hehe, wala lang - i just wanted to post this.

PS. i am a bit disheartened because I feel that I have no readers. I am trying desperately to convince myself that I'm writing for myself however I am desperately failing. haha.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kumusta ka, ilia? wag ka mabahala, yaan mo, magbabasa ako lagi dito (kaso lang baka yun ang ikabahala mo).

magandang pangalan nga ang patience, pero sa tagalog? hmmm, Pasensya (Paciencia)? sus, parang biskwit; Pagtitis? lalong asus, dahil sa pangalan, tyak yun ang kahahantungan ng pobreng bata.

Ipalayaw mo na lang e Moxie, para magparang Tagalog e di Moksi.


11:37 AM  

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