Thursday, November 24, 2005

Halo-halong putahe ng utak ko

My housemates and I discovered a new show to follow - as if we didn't have enough. The title is "Golden Bowl". It's about bowling partners who fall in love with each other. It's a Japanese imported show. The reason why we watch it is that the guy protagonist is so cute, promise. Yun lang, babaw no? Pero nagbibigay aliw at tuwa pagkatapos ng isang mahabang hapong pagpapanggap na isang huwarang mag-aaral.


At last, the first event of PANTAS under new core leadership is over. It would be a lie to say that it went without a hitch, but I, for one, am satisfied. I came late - bad example, I know. There were about ten orientees and they seemed very interested. It was great practice for my PR skills.

I'm glad for the dedicated PANTAS Readers for their support and work. I'm gald for the new core. I'm glad that PANTAS is moving - with new deadlines and pod meetings and all. And most of all, I'm grateful for Sir Dennis. Period. haha

I pray that we accomplish all our plans for this semester. I really do hope that through the efforts of PANTAS, LAYB and UPLB Writer's Club that Elbi would be come to appreciate and respect the craft of writing and reading and its social relevance. And that Elbi would be known as a campus of writers AND readers. Pero sana hindi lang to hanggang pangarap, sana mangyari nga.


I attended a Sakbayan and ARREST sponsored symposium entitled "Sining sa Panahon ng Krisis". The speakers were practitioners of different forms of art: Dong Abay for music, Edward Perez for theater, I forgot who for photography and Kiri Dalena for alternative media.

I learned a lot about the struggle of artists who are not deemed by the media monopolies as profit-generating. As someone said in the forum, without money you have limited means to convey your message. This is quite disheartening as art can ignite the hearts of people to move and take action.

There was one point that was brought up: why do 'religious groups' prevail in UPLB? As this topic is discussed,I felt hostility in the air. It was as if these 'religious groups' were some sort enemies - in an indirect manner- of those who stand for social awareness and action.

As part of a Christian group, I beg to differ. It is not that Christians are so involved with 'heavenly' matters that they forget the world where they live in. Maybe we differ in our manner of social awareness and action.

It should not be that art and religion are like water and oil. I can use my art to glorify God and I can also use art to promote social issues. As Kiri Dalena pointed out - being 'religious' does not mean that you are apathetic towards society. Being a Christian does not neccesarily hinder one's duties as a citizen - except perhaps in some cases.

Anyway, the symposium ended with the UP song "UP Naming Mahal". In all my years in UP (three lang naman, hehe), I've never heard that song sung as heartfelt and sincere as it was that day. I really felt the lyrics of the song and as the last phrase was sung, "Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan" - pakiramdam ko sugo ako ng bayan at isang instrumento ng pagbabago.

UP Naming Mahal
Pamantasang Hirang
Ang himig namin,
sana'y inyong dinggin.
Malayong lupain
aming mang marating,
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin,
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin.

Luntian at Pula,
sagisag magpakailanman.
Ating pagdiwang
bulwagan ng dangal.
Humayo't itanghal
giting at tapang.
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan,
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan.

* sana tama yung lyrics


Anonymous dragonesa said...

haller?! saken kaya na-inlove ung guy (put it together-ungguy)! hehe... si shider ba yun?

10:14 PM  
Blogger ie said...

i think that religion, in itself, is neither bad nor good, for it just boils down to theoretical faith; to believing and depending on an ideal, a concept.

however, its practice determines its value. (this is where the "bias", i guess, comes in.)

i think that a good religion teaches its followers to "reach out" to people. a good religion does not waste its time delving on whether we have nine or ten commandments, but on how to make an effective livelihood program for the landslide victims in quezon. a good religion acts more than it laments. a good religion inspires its followers to not only marvel about the story of the good samaritan, but to live it.

this, i believe, is the true equation of God. and this, sadly, is what i've been trying hard to find in los banos.

2:04 PM  

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