Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Coffee Love Affair

I used to really hate coffee. I used to get nauseated by the smell of brewing coffee. I once was proud of the fact that I've never tasted coffee - ever. Then during one of our bull session nights, my church barkada represented by Matt dared me to drink a cup of Nescafe 3 in 1. And I am not one to back off a dare. So I drank it. That was my first cup.

During the first two years of college, I kept myself awake during all-nighter by drinking liters of Coke. I still refused to 'contaminate' my body with coffee. Though technically, caffeine in coffee and Coke is the same.

Then I met Kuya Rem, a coffeeholic. He introduced me to what he calls 'real coffee.' Suprisingly, I liked it, I never knew coffee had lots of different personalities. Since then, whenever my friends and I hang out at Mocha Blends, I began to experiment with my orders. But still, I maintained only strict acquaintance with coffee.

But, as with every love story, there is the turning point. Mine happened when we attended a seminar where the room was so cold, I had to cover my arms with the tablecloth. My saving grace was they served coffee and tea.

But because I abhored tea, I drank coffee to keep me warm AND awake. During that 9 am to 5 pm seminar, I drank six cups of coffee. I realized coffee was reliable - and so I decided to open up my life to coffee. We became friends.

We became so close that I couldn't imagine life without coffee. Coffee kept me company during nights when I had to stay awake to write papers. Coffee never failed to have breakfast with me and prepped me up for the day's activities. Coffee was there - together with Chocolate- when I became depressed.

And now I love coffee. I now share my love for coffee with other people. My friends and I even spend time with my new close friend coffee. I hope my love for you never fails - at least until I finish college.


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