Sunday, November 13, 2005


Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. When Pastor Efren preached today, my eyes were suddenly opened to a lot of things. (How apt since he works for an organization called Open Doors.)

I knew that there are countries that persecute Christians like China and North Korea but I didn't know there were that many - including Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan and Maldives and Somalia.

Pastor Efren showed as an informational video about three women who were in prison in Indonesia for sharing the gospel to Muslim children. I forgot their surnames but their firstnames were Rebekka, Eti and Ratna. They are still in prison. I was amazed at their strength and faith.

It's amazing how freedom can lead to being lukewarm. Here in the Philippine, everyone is free to go to whichever religion or non at all. But look where that has brought us - the Christians are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. Not living out their faith. And that includes me.

I'm not saying that we should be persecuted or anything like that but I am just so amazed at people like those women who would put their lives on the line for Christ. I do want to really pray for them and I will. And I hope others will too.

I planned to put a prayer list here about different areas of the world that persecutes Christians but I forgot the leaflet in the car. I'll write it next week promise. But I hope if you read this and you want to pray for persecuted believers, please do. Every prayer helps and encourages them in ways you may never find out.

Also try checking out for more information about the needs of different countries.


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