Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lion's mane and blue skies

The sky has never been this blue in Los BaƱos since the not-so-new semester started. There are a few clouds in sights - hovering over Mt. Makiling. I am a lover of clouds for the very same obvious reasons other people like them - they're pretty, gives you shade from the sun, and provides amusement for hours. Besides, when there are heavy clouds, there will most probably be rain - my favorite weather.

Anyway, because of my love for clouds, I seldom have the opportunity to appreciate the clear blue sky. Well, today I do. There is something infinity-like with the clear sky. You can't seem to see where it ends and there are no clouds to distract you. I don't mean to include a realization to this entry. I'll just leave it at my newfound appreciation for clear blue skies.

* those who haven't watched Narnia and plan to, spoilers ahead.

I've already watched The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Besides the fact that watching a movie at the Shang is an experience in itself, the movie was a surprise. I had apprehensions of course, since I've been a C.S. Lewis and Narnia fan since I was nine, I believe. But after crying at least a bucket, chuckling a lot and most of all thinking a lot, I'm verry happy with the movie.

It was very faithful, of course not a hundred percent faithful but faithful enough to put my heart to rest. It had very good casting, especially with the 4 Pevensies and the White Witch. A lot of the parts in the movie was exactly how I imagined it when I was reading it so just imagine my wonder and delight in seeing my imaginations materialize.

But best of all, the Aslan portrayal was very realistic and emotional. And the movie really highlighted Aslan's sacrifice and humiliation. When the ugly creatures shaved his mane, I was sobbing. To think that the King of Narnia being shamed and allowing himself to be 'mutilated and killed' for no apparent logical reason but sacrifice. Wow is the only word I can think of. And how grateful I am to my Saviour.


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