Wednesday, January 25, 2006

To Hope Once More

According to my teacher in Business Writing, during the first telecast of the Pacquiao-Morales rematch, the Philippines had zero crime rate. I'm not sure if this information is accurate but I do believe that the crime rate during this particular time was extremely low. There was minimal traffic, no crowds at the malls and streets were literally empty.

I wasn't able to watch because I was in a meeting, but every so often, one of us would receive a text message updating us on the fight. The entire Philippines stopped just to watch Manny beat up Morales.

For at least a day, the Filipinos were united in one victory, in one "triumph" of our race. It just shows how the Filipinos really desire for some hero to lift us up from the muck we got ourselves stuck in. The Filipinos are tired of constant bickering, blaming and pure chaos. We are tired of being cynical about our government, society and the entire system.

We want to hope again. Even for a victory in a seemingly trivial boxing match.


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Blogger ie said...

before anything else, that f*cker up there also commented on me with the exact same lines.

with that aside, i truly agree with what you said. grabe. pacquiao became a metaphor for relief, for hope, at least for that day.

at oo, nanood ako. =]

5:02 AM  

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