Monday, February 06, 2006

Incoming Steam Machine, watch out!

Shamdja said that it seems I have a lot of hang ups. Well, I do but I believe my 'hang-ups' are justified. Let me enumerate.

1. I am annoyed by girls who make their boyfriends carry their hand bags or worse, shoulder bags - especially if the bag is in the color pink. It hurts my eyes. Girls have arms and hands don't they? It would be understandable it the bag was extremely heavy. So why? Please make me understand. Really, I would listen to an explanation.

2. I hate jeepneys who don't stop before pedestrian lanes. How many times have I experienced crossing the street and had some manic driver step frantically on the brakes? They even have the stupidity to honk so loud that my eardrums can definitely pop. Hello?! I'm crossing - I'm in the middle of the road - can't they see? Crazy drivers definitely merit my famous 180 degrees eye roll.

3. Why do some people post entire lyrics of a song on their blogs? It would be tolerable if it were just one song, however many of the blog posts consist of song lyrics. If I wanted lyrics, I would go to the lyrics search engine.

4. Irresponsible people who leave their trash lying around for others to pick up. I went to the Franklin Graham festival, an evangelistic event, last saturday. And when it was time to go home, I looked around and saw lots of plastic bags, bottles and containers lying around. There were lots of trash bags around, how much effort would it take to throw their trash in the proper place? And most of these people are Christians, how sad that we don't set the example.

5. Why do some people constantly nag you to make them a Friendster testimonial? Wouldn't they rather a person would take the initiative to say something nice about them? I am very picky when it comes to people I make testimonials for, so please don't nag me about it or I'm liable to say things just for the heck of getting the testimonial thing done and over with.

Ok, this seems to be a very angry post. I just had to let out steam. But really, I'm confused why people do these things. Humans can be crazy hehe :D including me.


Anonymous micole! said...

I definitely agree with with statement 3 and 5... MOST esp with 5.. i mean, its hard to come up with testimonials (i also dislike the term 'testi'- for some weird reason...) and i think that they should be written only when the writer feels like giving one- kundi- parang walang laman.. hahahaha.. haay philosophising nanaman ako... whee.

10:55 PM  

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