Monday, February 20, 2006

Plain and simple?

I feel so down and my energy is so low. And I don't know why. Weird.

Number one clue that something's up - I don't want to eat. Haha, that occurs only when I'm deeply super down(for very un-shallow reasons, I assure you) or super full. And in this case, it isn't the latter.
Number two clue - I don't want to do anything.
Number three clue - I'm not caring about the way I look. Now that's kinda disturbing. This from a person who lists all outfits to make sure she doesn't repeat an outfit within a two-week interval.

It could be an after shock of "Millior Dollar Baby". I watched it last night and I got so depressed. I even dreamt about it and it was the first thing that registered when I woke up. It was a really great movie, but it drags you downhill. I mean some movies are depressing but after you watch them something makes you want to be better. But "Million Dollar Baby" isn't one of those movies, it just left me in the pit.

It could also be that it's my 'time of the month". My hormones are probably going berserk.

It could be because the moon is changing faces. I'm becoming a LUNAtic.

Or maybe my stock of energy was used up because I was so unbelievably perky this past saturday. And we had a really fun but draining band practice yesterday.

Or I may be just lazy.

This tells you nothing is really plain and simple.


Blogger ie said...

believe it or not, i completely understand. i also have my low points. the funny thing is, the three clues you just enumerated are totally apt in my case. basta, feeling ko gusto ko nang panahon para magwaldas ng panahon.

another thing is, i also get depressed with movies. and sometimes, these movies are really not that depressing. take "eurotrip" as an example. grabe. =]

1:34 PM  

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