Tuesday, May 02, 2006

that fierce side of me

I am a naturally sedentary person. I don't like much physical activity and that includes sports. I like watching sports - analyzing the game even. But being in the sport - I'd rather be in the bleachers cheering and hoarse the next day.

But I am a competitive person. I may not like the idea of moving, running and being sporty but when you put me in that situation, when you thrust me in a game - I will kick butt. I love competition and I don't like to lose. And I will do anything - within legal limits - to make sure my team gets to the top.

I usually don't realize how competitive I really am so last Saturday's sports fest reminded how competitive I am. One of the games was basketball and the members in each team were coed. The rules were relaxed for the girls so I took advantage of that. I pushed and 'fouled' the guys because I knew there wouldn't be any consequences. I took advantage of being the supposedly weak female. So much for feminism and women empowerment. My girl team mates were as equally fierce and had good shots so the game was fun and exciting.

Haha. And we won! Not entirely on my efforts, lest you think otherwise. I just hustled a bit. But it was fun to see that side of me that I don't see too often. And I really don't want to see that too often because life is not a game and it's not always about winning.


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