Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't speak

All-knowing (AK) people annoy me. And there is one just a few meters away from me. He's going on and on about literary criticism and appreciation.

"A good plot is not a standard of whether the book is good. A book can be good even if its plot is not. It's all in the deliverance. For example, Tolkien, Lord of The Rings' story is like hell asteeg, but the deliverance naman, ang boring. Tingnan mo naman ang Harry Potter, ang pangit ng story pero cool ang deliverance, diba?" (semi verbatim)

Offending Act Number 1: Speaking so loudly that I heard your opinions at all. Yeah, I know, I'm harsh pero harsh and sweeping din ang mga sinabi mo.

Offending Act Number 2: The word is 'delivery', dude. Please know your words before you act all wise and cocky.

Offending Act Number 3: Not knowing that a good plot is essential to a good book. Kung hindi maganda ang plot anong panghahawakan mo? Kung hindi maganda ang plot, babasahin pa rin ba yan?

Offending Act Number 4: Even daring to put LOTR and Harry Potter in the same comparison level. Hello? Malayo sila no, wala sa kalingkingan ni Tolkien si Rowling. Their fantasy worlds do not meet at all, ibang iba talaga.

Offending Act Number 5: Calling Tolkien boring. You wouldn't know genius if it slapped you in the face. Nabasa mo ba talaga si Tolkien o baka naman sinukuan mo kasi di mo gets? Kaya mong gumawa ng sariling language mula sa existing language ng mundo natin? Si Tolkien kaya. Buti na lang hindi si CS Lewis ang hiniritan mo or I would have walked over to you and given you a piece of my mind.

Please naman people, when you voice out your opinions please make sure they are valid and they have basis. As mama always tells me, 'little knowledge is dangerous." E kung may die-hard fan pala ni Tolkien ang nakarinig sayo e di kung ano na ang ginawa? haha =P Ingat lang, might as well keep your mouth shut.


Blogger R.E. De Leon said...

Hm. There are several ways to react to this situation, and I never have really figured out which one I prefer.

The first and most distasteful in my mind is to just bear the indignation. Develop the stiff upper lip the British are so proud of. But we live in a Filipino context that is just so expressive you can't stay quiet for long without getting drowned.

The second is to, as you suggest, give the person a piece of my mind. But if I were to do that every time such an offending person came along, I would soon run out of energy to do anything else, and I would alienate 90% of the people around me, simply by labeling me an uber-geek.

A third, which I find quite appealing, actually, is to chuckle loudly at this person's ignorance. But that would be the height of snobishness, would it not?

I can probably think of several other reactions, but I like juxtaposing these three.

To be faux-brit, uber-geek, or snob. That is the question.

12:51 AM  
Blogger R.E. De Leon said...


On second thought, point me to this person.

I know the perfect reaction.

I will pick an appropriate Tolkien book, perhaps the Silmarillion, hit him on the head with it, Tie him to a chair and force him to endure 48 hours of non-stop Lifestyle channel viewing (tignan natin kung hindi siya masuka),
disembowel him with a kris,
and feed his remains to an orc.

Someone should give us DELIVERANCE from people like this!

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha - cge gawin natin yung sinabi mo hehe =P -ilia

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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