Monday, October 09, 2006

Ten things I hate (and love) about you

I love the way you remember what kind of food I like and don't like.

I love it when you smile your real smile - you look like a delighted kid.

I hate the way you're so responsible ALL the time.

But I love that you do know how to have fun.

I love it that you encourage not only me but other people as well.

I hate it when most of your observations hit right home,

but I love the way you tell me things I hope you don't tell anyone else.

I hate how you're appropriate in most circumstances
- it's hard to catch you off guard.

I love the way you love our God and find ways to serve Him.

But mostly I hate it the way we're really perfect for each other
and yet we're just friends.


Blogger silangan said...

sana nga maging kayo

1:38 AM  

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