Monday, November 20, 2006


I never knew how much I missed LB until ths first day of classes. It's the first time in my entire college life that I arrived at Los BaƱos before 6am. We had to catch the early bus because my sister has, unfortunately, a 7AM class. The morning looked so inviting, so fresh. "Bukang liwayway" is so apt a phrase.

Our apartment is a bit musty and smellslike an old closet. But what did I expect? We left it for a month. So we're hiring housekeepers to clean tomorrow. Part of the welcome of the new sem. Our last sem together.

I'm glad to be back where I can see big and beloved trees everywhere. Here, everything I need is within a ten minute walk or a very short jeepney ride perhaps. forgot how I missed just walking around campus and accidentally bumping into a friend - a few minutes' chat turning into several hours of 'tambay' around benches or building stairs nearby.

And another thing I missed - the food! I had dinner with Mam Amy and Jaz at the place formerly called Ellen's Fried Chicken - it has a different name now but everyone still calls it Ellen's. They have the best fried chicken and monggo in the world. The only place Elbi needs is... GO NUTS DONUTS! Hehe, life would be sooo heavenly then.

One thing, or should I say person, is missing from Elbi though and that's Red. He's left teaching and is now in La Union (I think). Elbi life doesn't seem complete without him.
- no more late coffee and blueberry cheescake
no more joy rides to Forestry, Calamba and SLEX
no more ice cream binge eating
no more movie and LOST episodes marathon
no more raiding each other's private library (he's my main source of Yancey and Lewis books)
no more hours of conversation about theories, books, movies, Narnia, LOTR, Star trek, and everything under the sun
no more spur of the moment food trips
and no more Valerie (his ever dependable Vios).

In short, no more friend who could be right there the minute you text regardless of time or date. Yeah, I know it's selfish to wish him back here when this place is keeping him from fulfilling his dreams. It's just that it feels like losing a best friend, a brother. He's so far away now, it seems we're in different continents.

I'm sure there'll be a lot of things and places and people that I will miss once I leave this place which I consider a home. But for now, I'll just enjoy the 5 months I have left, do really well in my studies, continue building lifelong friendships and desperately wish for a Go Nuts Donuts branch to open in LB.


Blogger R.E. De Leon said...

Hehe. You know, this would TOTALLY ROCK as a friendster Testimonial? :-)

Hehe. Miss you too, Ilia, although at this point I dont miss LB as much as you do. I think I overstayed my welcome. :-)

In terms of place, I mostly miss the IRRI Coffeeshop, Bean Hub, Coffee Blends, and SLEX. Hehe. Notice a pattern?

12:15 PM  
Blogger inaantoknako said...

i miss lb too. all of it. all of you who are in it. alam mo yung missing it so much it hurts? corny, but true. miss ko na kayo. minsan in denial na lang ako. mahirap naman kasing maging masaya sa diliman kung hindi ko hindi ko iddeprive ang sarili ko ng nostalgia. hay. good luck sa last sem nyo.

11:42 PM  

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