Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Post Una Por 2007

Because a lot of my friends from the blogging community (especially mga blogspot bloggers) have posted their new year's post, I was sort of pressure to produce one. Haha, ang inggitera ko talaga. Anyway, I'm just posting what I consider the best new year's greetings I've receive for 2007:

- "Sbi ni e.e. cummings:
let all go
the big small midling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things- let go dear
so comes love." happy new year!

- Happier year for you, ilia, i hope.

-My wish 4 u is to finally meet sum1 hu wud match ur wit and sensibility :)

- "It's been a Long December
And there's reason to believe
That maybe this year
will be better than the last" ** - counting crows
I pray '07 will be a gud yr for u...and 4 me too! hehe :)

- Hapi nw yr, Ailia. :-) continue 2 perfect d craft f writing n never limit urself bcoz f doubts. Hope 2 chka wid u.

- Therefore, snce we r surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside evry weight, n d sin which SO EASILY ensnares us, n let us run wit endurance d race dat is set b4 us. Heb 12:1. well, we are nt yet perfect. Yet we are in race, a pit stop, a landmark has cme and goe. Tapos na 2006. Lets focus on d finish line in spite of d many obstacles.

So there! happy new year =P


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