Sunday, February 04, 2007

The temperature here in LB is really getting to me. It is a bit paralyzing. Especially this weekend, when we were in Puypuy for my playwriting class workshop. Weird, it was just in Laguna, but somehow I felt it was so "probinsyang-probinsya". To which Jas replied: Tanggapin mo na, sa probinsya ka talaga nag-aaral. The mountain view was spectacular and inspiring.

Aside from the teeth-chattering weather, the workshop was a great learning experience. And I got to meet really great playwrights who were so kind to us - considering the quality of the plays our class wrote. I thought that I would regret coming, but I was wrong. It would be a total loss if I hadn't attended.

We didn't get to sleep though. My mind is so toxic. I want to lie in my bed, covered by my apple-green comforter, and sleep for 12 hours. I am that tired.

During one of the breaks in the workshop, someone sang "Insensitive". All the girls joined in. Haha, tells you about our bitter state of minds.

And I therefore conclude after the workshop that straight men are an endangered species. We have got to do something about it. Add that to the fact that about 65% of the straight men are jerks and chauvinists. Thank God for the remaining 35%.

Got my puppy from mam amy already. I originally planned to name it "Karenin" if it's a girl (from the dog in Unbearable Lightness of Being by Kundera), and "Kafka" if it's a boy (not meaning any disrespect for Franz Kafka, I just like the way it sounds). It is a boy. But he's so sad and he looks depressed that I am seriously considering calling him "Van Gogh".


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